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Margaret Kennedy Agency is a full service literary agency in Brisbane, Australia, representing general non-fiction, a limited range of fiction, and high quality children’s literature. It is a small agency by design. Margaret Kennedy works with each writer at all stages right from the start, and steadily builds up authors’ careers over years in a climate of cooperative partnership. The professional rapport she establishes with authors is based on honest opinion and trust, and many prominent writers have been with the agency since it began in 1996.

General non-fiction is a vast territory and many subject areas are considered. Areas of special interest are biography; current affairs and social issues; language, philosophy, religion and science; history; food and wine; and Australia and the Pacific.

Contemporary, literary fiction receives high priority and general and historical fiction is sometimes of interest. Fiction not represented includes fantasy and science fiction, chick lit and chook lit, horror and erotica.

The submission of children’s picture books, chapter books and teen and YA literature, including non-fiction, is welcomed from established writers. 


A Youth Not Wasted A Youth Not Wasted - Ian Parkes

Western Australian writer Ian Parkes has written a spirited and eloquent memoir of his time as a young stockman, when he fell in love with life on the land and the beauty of the outback. 

'he writes with a rare sensibility... passages of sweet lyricism... this touching book will... open your eyes' Roy Williams, Weekend Australian  5-6 May 2012



Tree: A Big Story About Little Things 

Tree - Matt Ottley and Danny Parker

Multi-awarded children's illustrator Matt Ottley has teamed with writer Danny Parker in the second of a slew of forthcoming picture books for the partnership. Published by Little Hare, Tree tells the story of a sapling that, having lost the protection of an older tree, gradually discovers that every end is a new beginning.





Champagne & Chandeliers: Grand Dining Celebrations 

Champagne & Chandeliers - Bernadette OThis book, which won Best French Wine Book of the Year in the GOURMAND World Cookbook Awards in 2010, has now been published in French by Bordeaux publishing house Éditions Féret. Brisbane writer and champagne consultant Bernadette O’Shea holds a French knighthood for her services to the champagne industry.
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